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IMPORTANT: If you are a Registered Intern, Provisional Licensee or Pre-licensure, go to McMillan CEU's to sign up for the required CEU courses.

Because you asked for it!! Affordable CEUs by McMillan and Wife now offers several courses to fulfill the biennial 30 CEU-hour requirement, including the required courses:

Medical Errors (required within 6 months of licensure and for each renewal)
Ethics and Boundaries (required for each renewal)
Domestic Violence (required within 6 months of licensure and every 3rd renewal).
And, you can take these courses all in one day, or take our on-line courses from the comfort of your own home!

Our Courses

1Ethics and Boundaries for Therapists: How to Stay Out of Trouble
It is amazing the numerous ways we can find ourselves in trouble as therapists! We are constantly provided with a variety of ways to either do something, or fail to do something, that could cost us a problem with the Board, or a malpractice suit (those greedy lawyers!) This course will walk you through the most common errors and traps that face therapists and what to do, not do, and be on the lookout for in a fun and compelling format, using real life examples and humor. (3 CEUs)

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This course is mandatory for renewal.

2Prevention of Medical Errors for Therapists
Don’t kill ’em with kindness! Medical errors are so abundant, yet mostly under reported and unappreciated by the public. This course will help you understand the gravity of this problem in the medical profession and help prepare you, both as a patient and as a therapist dealing with patients who have been the victim of a medical error or who are facing a medical procedure. But just as there are medical errors in the medical profession, there are errors in the mental health profession that can be devastating. With a special emphasis on prescription drugs/suicide connection and false memory syndrome. Come enjoy a compelling and fascinating look at medical errors, taught by one who has been a victim of egregious errors herself! (2 CEUs).

This course is required within 6 months of licensure and for each renewal.

3Domestic Violence – Inside the Minds of Men Who Batter
An intriguing look at batterers and victims and the whole dynamic behind an abusive relationship, from why he does it to why she stays, and the profound effects on the children. An interactive look at relationships, how they go bad, how to get them better, and what to do with a batterer or a victim. (2 CEUs)

This course is required within 6 months of licensure and every 3rd renewal.

A basic look at HIV and AIDS, from how it is contracted and how it is spread, to how to prevent it and how to help those who contract it. Included, what are your obligations when your HIV positive patient is having unprotected sex! (3 CEUs)

This class is mandatory for all healthcare providers within 6 months of licensure and required biennially by all substance abuse agencies and DCF licensed facilities.

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